Courtney Hodge and her business partner Melissa O’Quinn are the proud owners of SoCo Hernando. Both Hernando residents, Courtney and Melissa launched their first journey into retail with the store. Courtney acquired SoCo Hernando in 2018, eventually leaving her job at Hernando High School to grow the business. After working as a medical assistant, Melissa came on board with Courtney in August 2020. Courtney is married to Kyle Hodge, and they have two daughters, Madison and MaryLandon. Melissa is married to Michael O’Quinn, and their daughters are Mikayla and Madison Binning. Courtney and Melissa are obsessed with fashion, and their business is growing bigger everyday thanks to their wonderful customers. They would love to help you with all of your fashion and styling needs! Visit them online or on the Hernando square.